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Wind turbine

You can't talk energy these days without a discussion of alternative renewable energy resources, especially the wind, often seen as our area's most abundant resource. But, before you dive head-first into a wind generation system, you owe it to yourself to do your homework.

You need to determine if the wind is abundant by collecting a full year's data. Average annual wind speed should be at least 10 mph.

Then, possibly the biggest hurdle, are you near power lines with adequate capacity? Smaller turbines can connect to the single-phase line typical of most residential connections. Larger generators need a 3-phase line. If one is not nearby or does not have capacity, you will likely have to improve or extend such a line yourself, which can be costly. You will need to maintain the system, carry liability insurance and pay for the necessary metering equipment used to measure kWhs if you plan to sell kWhs  back to the grid.

Your cooperative does not endorse a particular wind turbine vendor, but here are some Internet sites to research for starters:

Another publication called Wind Energy in Colorado (A Practical Guide for Farmers and Ranchers About Producing Energy From Wind) was very informative. It contains a list of more web sites. You can find this publication under Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Three words of advice... do Your Research.


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