1953 Staff and Fleet

At Southeast Electric Cooperative Inc. (SECO), our mission is to provide reliable services to meet our member-owner's needs at reasonable rates. Our value is service. Our service is much more than providing electrical energy. We sponsor local scholarships and events and provide electrical energy information. SECO services the southeastern corner of Montana and small pieces of South Dakota and Wyoming. We have been in operation for 75 plus years. You, the members, are represented by a Board Member at monthly meetings. We urge you to give input (good or bad) to your representative.

We believe there is no better place to be living, working and raising our families.


Southeast Electric was incorporated in 1946. It has grown tremendously since that time in an attempt to provide electric power to each resident in our service area. When electric power became available in the U. S., the large investor owned power companies would not provide service to sparsely populated areas because it was not profitable. They would only service the towns (such as Baker and Plevna) in our area. It took a cooperative approach to build and maintain a transmission and distribution power line system to provide electric energy to EVERYBODY.