Structure Moving

A structure moving bill was first enacted in 1929, amended several times through the years and most recently clarified in 2003 by Montana House Bill #337. This law covers houses, grain bins, derricks and any prefabricated structures being moved, hauled or transported which would interfere with electrical lights, electric power wires, guy wires or poles.


Written Notice:

HB 337 requires the person moving such a structure to give Southeast Electric Cooperative Inc. at least ten (10) days written notice of the proposed time and place of moving a structure.



If the structure is being moved through or out of our service area, we require 100% of the cost be paid by the mover.  In this case, 100% of the estimated cost must be prepaid. If the structure is being moved into our service area for use by the owner, the cost will be shared equally by the mover (50%) and Southeast Electric Cooperative Inc. (50%). In this case, the mover must prepay 25% of their 50% portion of an estimated cost.


States of Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming may also require certain permits or notices so be sure you contact the appropriate state/federal agencies when you are anticipating moving a large structure.  You may also need to contact your local telephone company if you could be interfering with their equipment.


Please call or email Rita Williams at Southeast Electric Cooperative for more details.

PH 406-775-8762